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Impressionen Alltag 2008  / Impressions of Daily Life 2008

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Guangzhou: Muslim Uigurs Guangzhou: metal handcraft Guangzhou: Wedding fashion show Beijing: Private performance
Chongqing: Midday break Chongqing: Square between Yangtze and Jialing-River Chongqing: Two young women nosh sunflower seeds (Bird seeds) On the Yangtze River
Panyu: On the Lotus Mountain Hill Panyu: Making paper pyramid as oblation Haizhu Square Panyu
Guangzhou: Artist of transport Store for all things which useful Butcher Manufacture of bamboo ladders
Pork belly Crocodile tail at Seafood Restaurant Guangzhou Take a Rest Houseboats on the Pearlriver Panyu
Panyu: Woman prepares fishing net on the boat Heavy cargo Waiting of green traffic light Taking out Lotus plants
Wet market Hangzhou Guangzhou: Old man and young man take a rest
Whats up? Game card at the park Fresh chicken Westlake Hangzhou: Boat men
Hangzhou: Card game Hangzhou: Washing clothes Wuzhen: Cultivating plants Wuzhen: Painting on T-Shirts
Huangshan: No other possibility of transport Hongcun: art students Hongcun: Woman with red cheek
Xidi: Woman is drying tea leafs Xidi: Man at water canal Xidi:  Preserving vegetable Longji: Steaming rice in bamboo
Xidi: Man makes basket Suzhou: street under construction Suzhou: Man plays for money Zhouzhuang: spinners
Zhouzhuang: Women smooze Shanghai: Crazy Ladies, but good for health Shanghai: Tai Qi at the morning Shanghai: Fresh water melon!
Wailingding Island: Drying fish and seeweed Wei? Wei? on Lijiang river Longji: Hairdresser and Barber
Yangshuo: Bananas, bananas! Girls make blue print fabrics Longji: Women of Zhuang minority Longji: Preparing meal
Yao woman in Longji Butcher in Hongkong Help! Where is the ladder Guilin: Cormorant fisher
Farmers from Yangshuo

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