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Yangtze-Kreuzfahrt / 长江 / Chng Jiāng     2008-11

Chao Tian Men Square Chngqng (重慶) View to Jialing River
Chinese hot food stall View to Yangtze River from Chao Tian Men Square Welcome on board Tai Chi on board
President No. 2 - our ship Hotel not finished yet. A man leaps to one's death. Because of superstition - no chance for good business Ghost City Fengdu
Bizarre sculpture in Fengdu and Gate to Yangtze River Along the Yangtze River
Along the Yangtze River On the sundeck New built Village Graves
Sunset Nearly final level View to Yangtze River from White Emperor City Baidicheng
View to Qutang-Gorge Three different Fruits on one Tree Hanging Coffin at museum First of three Gorges: Qutang-Gorge 瞿塘峡
My Mum and me New built City along the Yangtze  
Along the Yangtze River
Shennong Stream
Cave Treetop looks out Just several meters to final level Tourist Boat on the Shennong Stream
Demonstration of Boat Tracking Our oarsmen Living on the top of the mountain Waiting in front of Three Gorges Dam
Five-Stage Ship Lock of Three Gorges Dam
Visit the Three Gorges Dam
Behind the dam Truck shipment Xiling-Schlucht / 西陵峡 Ychāng (宜昌市)
Railway Station Ychāng (宜昌市) at the train between Ychāng to Guangzhou Arrival Railway Station Guangzhou

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